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Embroidery Stabilizers

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Tear Away, Wash Away, Cut Away, etc.  So many stabilizers, but the right stabilizer makes your embroidery project turn out perfect.  So check out our stabilizers and pick the one that will give you the perfect results for your embroidery project.
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18"x 22" Fiber Form Interfacing Stabilizer by OESD


Aquamesh Washaway Plus 10" x 5yds by OESD


AquaMesh WashAway Stabilizer 15" x 10yds by OESD


Badgemaster AquaFilm Stabilizer 12"X 8yds by OESD


Fuse & Fleece Stabilizer 15" x 5yd by OESD


Fuse and Seal CutAway Stabilizer 15"x 5yd by OESD


Fusible Polymesh CutAway Stabilizer White 1.5oz 15"x 10yd by OESD


Fusible Woven Lining Stabilizer White 15"X5 yd by OESD


Gentle Touch Backing Stabilizer 10" x 5yd by OESD


HeavyWeight CutAway Stabilizer 2.5oz 15"x 10yd by OESD


HeavyWeight TearAway Stabilizer 2.5oz 15"x10yd by OESD


Polymesh Cut-Away - Black 15"x10yd by OESD


Polymesh CutAway Stabilizer White 1.5oz 15"x 10yd by OESD


Softweb Stabilizer 14"X5 yd by OESD


Solvy Stabilizer Roll by Sulky


StabilStick TearAway Stabilizer15"x 10yd by OESD


Stitch N' Sew Non-Woven Water Soluble White Stabilizer - 19" x 36"

$3.99 $4.99

Stitch20 Topping Stabilizer 12"X 10yd by OESD


Sulky Soft N Sheer Cut-Away Stabilizer White 20in x 36in

$2.99 $3.99

Ultra Clean and Tear Fusible 15in x 10yds by OESD


Ultra Clean and Tear Stabilizer 1.7oz 15"x 10yd by OESD



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