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Hopes & Dreams

By Barb Bergquist

While doing research for an article I was writing, I came across the Hope & Dreams Quilt Challenge.  The challenge benefits research and patients with ALS, better known by many as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  I decided right then to make a simple quilt to donate to the cause.  I wasn’t interested in joining the challenge but I wanted to believe that someone who was battling this disease might take comfort from the quilt I would make.

It also gave me an opportunity to showcase some of the fabrics from our online shop, A Block Away Quilt Shop. I am wild about geometrics and I love those from Moda’s Chic Neutrals collection.  I added to them one fabric from the Canyon collection and picked my pattern – Sunsprite from Villa Rosa Designs.

Chic Neutrals Off White Gold Fabric Chic Neutrals Collection by ModaChic Neutrals Brass Fabric Chic Neutrals Collection by ModaChic Neutrals Eggplant Squares Fabric Chic Neutrals Collection by ModaChic Neutrals Eggplant Dashes Fabric Chic Neutrals Collection by ModaChic Neutrals Eggplant Cubes Fabric Chic Neutrals Collection by ModaCanyon Weave Moonlight Fabric Canyon Collection by Moda
Sunsprite RoseCard Quilt Pattern by Villa Rosa Designs

As you can see by the pattern, it is a simple design and I pieced it and put the sandwich together up in less than two days.  I have to admit though, that when I was cutting the pieces, I mis-cut one of the fabrics.  Rather than starting over again with a new fat quarter (yes, the design of the top was made all from fat quarters), I modified the design.  I changed the dimensions of the pieces so that I ended up with 5 ½” squares rather than the 5 ½” x 6 ½” rectangles.  The finished quilt then would have been too narrow and would not meet the required finished dimensions for the Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge, so I added a border.  With the border, it was still narrow for its length, but it met the requirements.  Later, thinking about it, that mistake likely made it the perfect size for someone confined to a wheel chair.

Rather than hand or machine quilting this project, I decided to tie it.  Tying it eliminated me from the competition, but that wasn’t important to me.  Rather, I wanted to make sure I finished it and got it out to them so it would benefit someone.  I tied it in both the corners and the middle of the squares.  I kept the pattern from the squares in the border and in no time, I was ready to bind and label it.

My hopes and dreams are that this fun and colorful quilt has brightened someone’s life and made the challenges that he or she is facing a bit more bearable.

Quilt Made using Moda's Chic Neutrals & Villa Rosa Designs' Sunsprite

Quilt completed July 2016; made by Barb Bergquist, a 25 year dedicated quilter and owner of A Block Away Quilt Shop.

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