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About Quilting

You will find articles listed here that present information about the art of quilting.  Quilting Tips & Techniques are the articles on how to create quilt projects. Articles covering Sewing Machine Tips are also available as well as Mystery Quilt Projects.

  • What Pattern? - Just think about it and you will find the perfect pattern easily. 
  • Quilt Market - You can learn a bit about the International Quilt Market and how it help you and your quilt shop owner.
  • I Remember... - This is the story of a quilt that recalls a special memory.
  • Quilts for Charity - This articles talks about how quilts for charity benefits everyone.
  • History of Quilting - If you've ever wonder about how quilting evolved, this article provides a bit of that information.
  • Why Quilt? - We do it, but do we know why we quilt?  Read this article to find out.
  • Tools of the Trade - In this four part series, we talk a bit about the tools we use most often when creating quilts.
  • What It Takes to Make a Quilt - The value of a quilt is not only in the cost of materials, but also in the time it takes.  This article explores the process and how it relates to the price of a quilt.
  • It's a Mystery! - If you've never made a mystery quilt and want to know a little about it before embarking on a mystery quilt journey, learn about it here in this article.
  • Make Color Your Friend - This article presents some advice on how to use color in fabrics to decide the colors of in your quilt.
  • All for a Friend - We talk about friendship quilts in this article.

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