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It's a Mystery!

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By Barb Bergquist

Have you heard of a mystery quilt?  Let me tell you about it.  When you choose a quilt project, you see the design of the quilt, just not in the colors and/or prints you plan to use.  But when you choose a mystery quilt, the design is revealed only as you work on it.  That’s the mystery!

So if you have heard of a mystery quilt, have you made one?  If not, I will tell you that it’s fun, and a bit addicting!  With a mystery quilt, you will receive all the information that you need to make a quilt, but the clues are revealed slowly over time.  You won’t really know what the finished design is until you receive the final clue. 

Sound intriguing?  I hope so, because over the next couple months, this blog will present clues to a mystery quilt.  So let’s talk about what to expect.  First, I realize that we can’t all drop what we’re doing to start working on this mystery quilt, so you may have a few clues accumulate before you can get to them.  It is important that you work on the clues in order.  They will be numbered, so all you have to do is execute them in order.

Next, you will be given all information you need to complete the mystery quilt, but if you have any questions, please reach out to me with your questions.  Don’t get frustrated because I’ve stated it differently than you would.  We might all speak English, but this is a big country and where we live can influence how we talk.  After all, is it “pop,” “soda,” or something else?

Feel free to be inventive.  You might want to try a mystery quilt in something you haven’t done before, maybe all solids, or blacks and whites, or shades of one color. This is your mystery quilt so try something “out of the box” if you choose.  You will get information to help you in your fabric selection, but here’s a couple tips to help guide you.  First, common sense will tell you that the larger the yardage, the more of a fabric you’ll see in your quilt.  Second, if you choose fabrics that complement each other, or from the same collection, chances are good that the finished product will turn out just right.

Finally, remember that in the end, if the finished quilt isn’t quite to your liking, you’ve just completed a great donation quilt!

With all that said, let me tell you what to expect.  Starting next week for the next six weeks, I will post clues.  The first week will list out the fabric requirements and cutting instructions.  The remaining weeks will focus on piecing the quilt top.  Some weeks will have more work than others, so tackle the work as you can.  The last week will, obviously, be the instructions to complete the quilt top.  If you don’t get time to work on it each week, just make sure you work on the clues in order.  And if you haven’t finished the prior weeks’ work, resist the urge to “peak” at the last week’s clue.  Save the surprise until you are ready to work on it.

If you are planning to join me on this trip, there is just a few things I will suggest to prepare.  Get yourself a box of plastic storage bags, both quart and gallon size.  It doesn’t matter if the top zips or slides to close, just that it closes.  You will label these bags as you go, storing fabric pieces in them, so you’ll also need a permanent ink marker, or something similar that will help identify these pieces of your work in progress.  Organization will avoid confusion and keep this project fun.

I’m excited to take this trip with you!  And I would love it if you share what you are doing as often as you wish.  You can share pictures as you go or post comments and/or questions on A Block Away’s Facebook site.  So until next week, quilt happy!

Barb Bergquist along with husband, Ron, own A Block Away Quilt Shop.  A dedicated quilter with more than 25 years of experience, she is now actively sharing her love of quilting through the work in her shop.

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